Rock magazines or "zines" and newspapers are found at many places around Chicago that cater to the rock crowd. Record stores, music venues and bookstores are good places to look. Some of the ones with the most valuble information are free. Here's a rundown of zines that are helpful.

Chicago Reader Probably the most valuable resource for finding out what is going on in Chicago with both online and print versions. Section 3 in the print version has critic recommendations ("Spot Check", "Critic's Choice") and "Early Warnings", the latest concert and ticket information. Features critic Peter Margasak's Post No Bills column. Music essays or reviews are sometimes found in the Section 1. Published weekly. The Reader's Guide to Arts and Entertainment is available in the suburbs. Free!
Chicago Innerview Free print and online zine devoted to interviews with bands and artists who will be doing shows in Chicago.
Glorious Noise Online zine based in Chicago. Focus on both national and local acts. News, reviews of albums and shows.
Illinois Entertainer A free monthly newsprint magazine. Ads for local shows and local music news. Articles and reviews of both national and local acts.
New City Similar music coverage as the Reader. Weekly. Dave Chamberlain's Raw Material column frequently reviews the latest local albums. Free.
The Onion America's "Finest News Source"...and much more. Not only the funniest stuff you'll ever read but also reviews of recently released albums and at times interviews with rock artists. The print version previews upcoming shows for the week.
Roctober Chicago based zine. Articles, interviews and reviews of national and local acts mostly on the fringes. Available at record and bookstores.
Static Online multimedia zine. Record reviews and interviews with national acts.
UR Free monthly magazine. Mainly concerned with the club scene but does include rock record and concert reviews. Frequently has photos from concerts around town.


Chicago newspapers

Chicago Tribune Concert reviews daily in the Metro section. The Friday section lists concerts going on sale, previews of the week's upcoming concerts and interviews. On Sunday the Arts & Entertainment section features rock related interviews and stories. Greg Kot is the Tribune's senior rock critic.
Chicago Sun-Times Reviews of concerts in the Friday Weekend section, bigger shows reviewed a day or two after show. Concerts going on sale and previews of the week's upcoming concerts in the Friday Weekend section. Rock critic Jim De Rogatis' columns run in Weekend and on Sundays along with rock interviews and features.
Note: Both the Trib and the Sun-Times offer newspapers for those suffering from short attention spans. Both the Red Eye and the Red Streak feature some music content.
Daily Herald A Chicago suburban news paper. Friday's Time Out section gives upcoming concert information, reviews, artist interviews and features written by music critic Mark Guarino.

The Chicago Reader




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