The following TV programs are produced in where else? Only in Chicago of course!

Chic-A-Go-Go For those of you who miss American Bandstand this might be the show for you. Billed as the "dance show for kids of all ages" it also features live musical guests. Watch it on Cable Access Channel 19.

JBTV MTV be damned...Jerry Bryant has been doing his own thing for years! Featuring music videos, live performances and in-studio guests.

Sound Opinions Think Siskel and the concert. Chicago Tribune music critic Greg Kot and Chicago Sun-times music critic Jim DeRogatis agree to disagree about all things rock 'n' roll. Featuring news, reviews, interviews and in-studio performances. This is the WTTW TV version of their radio show on WXRT.

Soundstage Another show produced by the local PBS station, WTTW. This show is back after a long hiatus. National acts perform on the Soundstage stage in front of a live audience. Each show is devoted to two acts.










Wilco's Jeff Tweedy










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