Want to know what it was like to be a Chicago music fan from the '50s to '90s? And what it's like now? Discover what makes Chicago a great rock city in scene.


Find out who's playing in Chicago. Links to plenty of sources to keep up to date so you don't miss your favorite band playing live.


There are loads of cool venues in the Chicago area with plenty of rockin' ambience from dinky (Schuba's) to humongous (Tweeter Center).


Can't tell the difference between Q101 and The Zone? Well neither can we but here's an attempt at deciphering the offerings on Chicago radio.


Check out locally produced tv shows with both national and Chicago grown talent.


They come and go but there still are few good record stores left. Find out where you can find both cd and vinyl, new and used, emo and metal and everything inbetween.


A rundown of both print and online music newspapers and magazines with a Chicago view and where to find them.


Zillions of Chicago links whether you are into Goth, Classic Rock or whatever else floats your boat. Sources for your music lifestyle too.


Got any news? Reviews? Tips? A message board for the community of Chicago rock fans.


Let's make contact ! We'd like to hear some feedback on what your favs are and a little bit about you.

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